About Brandt Real Estate

Buying and selling property can be a very personal process. Ultimately, it is an investment in your future and must be handled with the utmost care. We recognize how personal it is and we take great care of every client we work with. Over the years, Brandt Real Estate has assisted in over $50 million in real estate transactions throughout southeastern Michigan. Our team has the expertise you need to find that perfect home or to price your current home to immediately attract buyers and bring in the best offer.

Brandt Real Estate understands the importance of your real estate decisions, and we’ve developed our own customized approach – The Brandt Benefit – to assist our clients with each purchase or sale. The Brandt Benefit is a proprietary process that uses real-world data to determine the best price for property. Whether buying or selling, pricing is the key component of every real estate deal, and The Brandt Benefit will ensure that your purchase or sale price is optimum.

Selling or buying. Investing or building from the ground up. Contact the Brandt Real Estate Team today. We have what it takes to turn your dreams into reality.