Vacant Land

Wide-open space for wide-open ideas

A piece of land is like a piece of a dream. And you get to fill in the rest of the dream with exactly what you want. Our team is happy to help turn your vision into a reality. We can help you determine what you need, where to look and what’s available.

But just because it’s vacant, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily an easier transaction. There are still many issues that need to be addressed when you’re purchasing vacant land. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the list, which includes everything from surveys and easements to flood zones and wetlands. We’ll also assist with any zoning issues, which can vary from community to community.

It’s also important to note that, land-buying mortgages are quite different from conventional mortgages. Land loans are considered higher risk by lenders and typically require larger down payments. They also come with higher interest rates, but with our expertise, you can find the financing that works best with your budget.

Let our experts help navigate the purchase of your land. When you’re ready, fill out the form below and let The Brandt Real Estate Team provide a free consultation.